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Publishers Have More to Worry About

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People need to calm down about the change to comiXology. At least, fans should calm down. Retailers should probably start to panic.

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DC Comics

“Now Kiss”

Every time something changes in tech for comics, “retailers should panic” always makes the rounds among the pundits. First it was Marvel Unlimited, PSP Comics, comiXology, iVerse, Kindle comics, Facebook comics, then retina iPads, now this. Comic shop retailing has been the only consistent consumer channel in the last decade.

In fact, it’s been publishers who have had more to weather, and with Amazon controlling the cards, DC, Marvel, and Image will have new contracts to contend with. I imagine that their initial deals with comiXology were very good while the start-up was shopping for an owner to buy them out. It makes sense, if comiXology’s end game was to get bought out, they’d need to bring over the publishers with them, they would have to make it worth the publishers while.

It’s more likely that publishers should begin to panic.

After all, comiXology gave every one of their readers the single most disruptive shopping experience within a month of their purchase, prompting even the most ardent Apple fanboy to uninstall it.