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Boldly Gone web comic


Arlynn D’Resh. You heard me.

Kevin Church and Ming Doyle are back with a new funny web comic set in the Star Trek universe. Boldly Gone is an ongoing comic strip set during the days of Kirk but in a slightly less glamorous ship than the Enterprise. The USS Mandela, a freight vessel and its crew may not be the leading cast from the show, but Star Fleet is Star Fleet no matter what the mission. Everything from the too-short-for-comfort duty uniforms to the multi-ethnic vision of Roddenberry, Boldly Gone embodies the kind of fandom even the most ardent Trekkie can appreciate.

Agreeable Comics, Kevin Church’s hub for his ongoing web comics, adds a new title to the list with artist Ming Doyle, after their recently concluded The Loneliest Astronauts. The web comic has a long narrative with a story arc currently developing into something really interesting. If The Loneliest Astronauts is any indication of where Church and Doyle are (boldly) going, prepare to stick around for the long haul.

From the Star Fleet Technical Manual

It’s not often that new ideas come from old properties in geek circles. Too often, geek curation blogs and comic sites focus on what’s already been done; a kind of cultural regurgitation that makes minimal effort to find a clever punchline or re-imaging of the same thing (see Big Bang Theory). Rare are the artists that breath new life into what was long established as old or classic. Church and Doyle are doing just that.

The ship’s design comes from the 1978 non-canon Star Fleet Technical Manual’s illustrations by Franz Joseph, and later reproduced into a 3D model by David Metlesits.

I rendered some angles of the USS Mandela for the strip and included a fan-art wallpaper, which looking back I’m not very satisfied with. The glowy zenith effect that comes from atmosphere light scattering should taper off, so it just looks too strong. But it looks great on my iPad.

There may be more work I can do for them if they call upon me. But in the meantime, check out Boldly Gone. Set your RSS readers to stun.

My fan rendering for the Mandela